Late Night Icons Unite for Spotify’s ‘Strike Force Five’ Podcast

Spotify launched ‘Strike Force Five,’ a limited audio series with Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, and John Oliver, exciting late-night comedy fans. In this exclusive podcast, these comedic legends will discuss news and pop culture in a weekly roundtable conversation.

Strike Force Five

The brainchild of Stephen Colbert, ‘Strike Force Five’ serves as a groundbreaking collaboration between Spotify and the networks responsible for broadcasting the hosts’ renowned late-night shows: CBS, NBC, ABC, and HBO. Colbert, driven by the desire to create a platform that allows him and his fellow comedians greater creative freedom and a chance to have more fun than their traditional television slots permit, initiated this ambitious project. Remarkably, his vision resonated with the other hosts, who eagerly jumped on board.

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Release Date and Duration

‘Strike Force Five’ is scheduled to make its debut on October 1st, with a promising run of 10 episodes, each averaging about an hour in length. What’s especially exciting for listeners is that the podcast will be accessible exclusively on Spotify, catering to both free and premium users. With this move, Spotify aims to not only enthrall its current user base but also draw new listeners into its ecosystem, solidifying its commitment to delivering fresh, original, and diverse content.

A Fusion of Humor and Insight

The hosts are brimming with enthusiasm as they prepare to collaborate and offer their fans a fresh perspective on enjoying their humor and distinct personalities. They assure listeners that ‘Strike Force Five’ will be an unmissable blend of entertainment, information, and unpredictability. However, it’s important to note that the podcast will feature explicit language and mature content, making it more suitable for mature audiences while advising discretion for younger or sensitive listeners.

A Must-Listen Experience

For those in search of a podcast that guarantees laughter, thought-provoking discussions, and perhaps even some newfound knowledge, ‘Strike Force Five’ is the answer. It presents a rare opportunity to hear five of the late-night comedy scene’s best and brightest, all gathered in one place to share their perspectives and humor spanning topics from politics to entertainment. If you’re a fan of these renowned comedians, missing out on ‘Strike Force Five’ is simply not an option.

Collaborative Chemistry

The camaraderie projected between ‘Strike Force Five’ hosts is intriguing. The comedy potential is endless with Stephen Colbert, famed for his quick-witted sarcasm, at the helm and the likable Jimmy Fallon, the sharp and intelligent Jimmy Kimmel, the perceptive Seth Meyers, and the insightful John Oliver accompanying him. Listeners will get a variety of comedies from each host.

Departure from Late-Night

While late-night shows have their charm, they often adhere to certain formats and time constraints that limit the hosts’ creative expression. ‘Strike Force Five’ promises to be a breath of fresh air, offering a platform where these comedians can let loose, explore uncharted comedic territory, and tackle subjects with the depth and humor that their fans adore.

Episode Lineup

  • Episode 1: The Comedy Roundtable Begins An introduction to ‘Strike Force Five’ as the hosts discuss their motivations and hopes for the podcast.
  • Episode 2: Late-Night Secrets Revealed Behind-the-scenes anecdotes and revelations from the world of late-night TV.
  • Episode 3: The Art of Political Satire Exploring the challenges and rewards of satirizing politics in a constantly changing world.
  • Episode 4: Pop Culture Extravaganza Delving into the latest trends, controversies, and cultural phenomena.
  • Episode 5: Comedic Influences and Inspirations A candid discussion of the comedians who have shaped their craft.
  • Episode 6: From Monologues to Podcasting Reflecting on the transition from TV monologues to long-form podcasting.
  • Episode 7: Pushing the Boundaries The hosts discuss the fine line between comedy and controversy.
  • Episode 8: Fan Questions and Listener Engagement Interacting with their audience and addressing burning questions.
  • Episode 9: Hilarious Mishaps and Bloopers A glimpse into the lighter side of producing ‘Strike Force Five.’
  • Episode 10: Farewell and Future Ventures Wrapping up the podcast with reflections on their experience and possible future collaborations.


‘Strike Force Five’ will be a groundbreaking podcast that brings together late-night comedy’s biggest names. Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, and John Oliver will provide a unique podcasting experience with their unlimited comedy and unique insights. On October 1st, ‘Strike Force Five’ promises fun, insight, and remarkable moments that will leave a lasting impression. Join this Spotify-exclusive comedy revolution

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