Spotify’s ‘Supermium’ HiFi Tier: Discovering Exclusive Features

High-quality audio streaming, sophisticated mixing tools, and other premium features are apparently in the works for a new Spotify subscription tier. A Reddit user discovered code indicating that the new “Supremium” tier will cost $19.99 per month on the Spotify app.

Supermium for HiFi

One of the standout features of Spotify’s Supermium HiFi tier is the introduction of a dedicated app tailored specifically for HiFi subscribers. This app boasts a distinct interface and design, providing a unique and immersive user experience that goes beyond what’s available on the regular Spotify app.

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Sound Profile

Customization takes center stage with Supermium. Subscribers will have the power to fine-tune their sound quality and settings according to their unique preferences and listening environments. This personalization ensures that every note and beat aligns perfectly with the listener’s discerning taste.

Social Connectivity

Supermium doesn’t just stop at delivering exceptional audio quality. It introduces a social component, allowing users to connect and share their meticulously crafted sound profiles and playlists with fellow HiFi subscribers. This social integration also serves as a hub for music discovery, helping users explore new tracks based on their sound preferences.

HiFi Playlists and Podcasts

For those seeking the crème de la crème of lossless audio, Supermium will feature a handpicked selection of HiFi playlists and podcasts. These curated collections will spotlight the epitome of high-fidelity sound, shining a spotlight on artists and creators who champion the cause of pristine audio quality.

Loyalty Program

Supermium subscribers will bask in the glory of an exclusive loyalty program. This program showers HiFi enthusiasts with a host of perks and benefits, including early access to new releases, discounts on merchandise, concert tickets, and much more. It’s Spotify’s way of rewarding its most dedicated listeners.

Pricing and Availability

While Spotify has not yet officially confirmed the details of its Supermium HiFi tier, the industry buzz suggests that it may be priced at $19.99 per month, aligning it with other lossless streaming services like Tidal and Amazon Music HD. Additionally, there are rumors of discounts or enticing bundles for existing Premium subscribers looking to elevate their audio experience.

After its February 2021 tease, Spotify’s HiFi tier has remained intriguing. As of June 2021, Spotify has over 365 million monthly active users and 165 million Premium subscribers, positions it to redefine the music streaming landscape with Supermium, unlike Apple Music and YouTube Music, which have yet to offer lossless audio streaming. Supermium’s launch date is unknown, but anticipation is high, promising to revolutionize music listening. Spotify hits audio perfection—stay tuned for updates.


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Spotify’s Supermium HiFi tier is a new subscription offering that aims to provide high-quality audio streaming and exclusive features to subscribers. It’s designed for HiFi enthusiasts and promises an enhanced music listening experience.

Some standout features of Spotify’s Supermium HiFi tier include a dedicated app for HiFi subscribers, personalized sound profile customization, social connectivity for sharing sound profiles and playlists, curated HiFi playlists and podcasts, and an exclusive loyalty program for subscribers.

While Spotify has not officially confirmed the pricing, industry rumors suggest that the Supermium HiFi tier may cost $19.99 per month. This pricing would put it in line with other lossless streaming services like Tidal and Amazon Music HD.

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