World Mental Health Day: Spotify’s Surprising Mental Health Booster

World Mental Health Day, held annually on October 10th, is a chance to raise awareness and promote mental health education and advocacy against social stigma. This year, Spotify is encouraging people to take a beat – to press pause and focus on mental wellbeing.

With over 456 million users worldwide, Spotify recognizes its unique position to promote mental health. From meditation playlists to podcasts about wellness, the platform offers various resources to complement World Mental Health Day.

The Importance of Mental Health Awareness

Mental health affects everyone. According to the World Health Organization, depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy $1 trillion per year in lost productivity.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, World Mental Health Day takes on renewed significance. A Spotify study conducted during the pandemic revealed that 60% of younger respondents were more open about conversing on mental health now versus pre-pandemic times.

While awareness around mental health is improving, stigma persists. World Mental Health Day represents a chance to keep chipping away at stigma and make mental health a priority.

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How Spotify Supports Mental Wellbeing Year-Round

With its massive reach, Spotify constantly explores new ways to support mental health. This World Mental Health Day, Spotify is building on a strong foundation of existing mental health resources on its platform.

For example, Spotify has partnered with organizations like SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education) to direct those struggling with thoughts of self-harm to critical resources. Within the app, searching terms like “suicide prevention” surfaces a safety message.

Spotify also connects users with mental health experts through its partnership with Real Talk, an initiative that provides a library of podcasts on common mental health concerns.

Wellness Playlists for World Mental Health Day

Music has inherent wellness benefits, from relieving stress to regulating emotions. Spotify harnesses music’s power through wellness playlists designed to complement World Mental Health Day.

The platform is spotlighting its most popular existing wellness playlists this October 10th. Playlists like Sleep, Peaceful Piano, and Deep Focus provide an effortless way to incorporate music for wellbeing.

For World Mental Health Day, Spotify is also launching limited-edition wellness playlists informed by global listening trends. These data-driven compilations feature tracks like “Breathe” by Lauv and “Good Vibes” by Chris Brown to evoke a sense of calm.

Podcasts for Unwinding

In addition to music, Spotify offers an expansive catalog of wellness podcasts to promote mental health this World Mental Health Day.

The meditation podcast “Unwind” provides 10-minute guided relaxation sessions focused on slowing down the mind. For moving meditations, “Mindful Movement” leads sessions in gentle yoga and stretching.

For talk therapy-style podcasts, “The Mindset Mentor” and “Feel Better, Live More” tackle managing stress, anxiety, and low moods through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques.

In Conversation on World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day coincides with Spotify’s popular original podcast “In Conversation,” focused on elevating diverse voices across cultural issues.

The October 10th episode will feature a mental health advocate and a psychologist discussing owning your mental health journey. Listeners can reflect on practical ways to prioritize mental wellbeing not just on World Mental Health Day, but year-round.

Wrapping Up

The conversation around World Mental Health Day marks a fitting end to Mental Health Awareness Month. Throughout October, Spotify aimed to normalize mental health discussions through blogger partnerships and social media campaigns.

The platform shared stories of artists getting candid about their mental health, like Billie Eilish and Kid Cudi. Playlists like “Mental Health Matters” further demonstrated Spotify’s commitment to representation within music and podcasts.

Looking Ahead

At Spotify, every day is mental health day. But each year, World Mental Health Day provides a chance to rally around this critical issue globally.

With ongoing partnerships,Original podcasts, data-informed playlists, and safety resources, Spotify will continue innovating to support mental wellbeing 365 days a year.

This World Mental Health Day serves as a reminder to press pause, take a beat to check in, and make mental health a priority.


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Spotify is promoting mental wellbeing through curated wellness playlists informed by global listening trends. The platform is also spotlighting popular existing playlists like Sleep and Peaceful Piano. Spotify has launched a special episode of its original podcast “In Conversation” focused on mental health.

Spotify has created limited-edition wellness playlists featuring calming tracks like “Breathe” by Lauv and “Good Vibes” by Chris Brown. These playlists are informed by data on what songs people turn to for relaxation worldwide.

Some podcasts on Spotify for mental health include guided meditations like “Unwind,” CBT and mindfulness-based shows like “The Mindset Mentor,” and talk therapy podcasts such as “Feel Better, Live More.”

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