Strong Position of Spotify Against Apple’s 30% Commission Fee

The king of music streaming, Spotify, has once more spoken out strongly against Apple’s divisive 30% commission fee for in-app sales. We will examine Spotify’s most recent criticism of this price in this post, which they label “unfair” and “anti-competitive.” The ongoing conflict between these two tech behemoths serves as a reminder of the bigger problem with app store regulations and how they affect both innovation and consumer welfare.

commission fee Charges

Spotify has accused Apple of using its App Store restrictions to impede innovation and damage users in a frank blog post. Spotify claims that this 30% commission fee amounts to a “tax” that unfairly tilts the playing field in favor of Apple.

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Decision in Epic Games v. Apple

This latest development is related to the Epic Games v. Apple verdict. The court did not label Apple a monopolist, but it ordered it to let developers lead customers to non-App Store payment choices. Spotify calls it a “step in the right direction,” but it doesn’t address Apple’s “abusive practices.”

Effect on Spotify

Spotify claims that this price puts them in a challenging situation. They must either accept reduced margins, which would restrict their capacity to invest in improving their service, or boost subscription fees for iOS customers, potentially pushing them away. Furthermore, Spotify claims that Apple manipulates the App Store under its control to promote its own services, like Apple Music, while limiting the features and functioning of third-party apps.

The Request for Action

In addition to airing its criticisms, Spotify is urging lawmakers and authorities throughout the world to speak out against what it sees as Apple’s “anti-competitive behavior.” The group’s request is unambiguous: they want “fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms for app distribution and payments” that would be advantageous to users, artists, and developers alike. It is an appeal for equity and fairness in the app ecosystem.

A Criticism

Spotify has long criticized Apple’s App Store rules. They have complained to the European Commission and U.S. Department of Justice and are participating in the Coalition for App Fairness, which promotes app market openness and choice.


The continued struggle for justice and competition in the digital sphere is highlighted by Spotify’s unwavering opposition to Apple’s 30% commission fee. The future of app stores, innovation, and the rights of developers and customers are all important topics in this David vs. Goliath tale that involves more than just two tech behemoths. The discourse about the regulations governing the digital marketplace will expand as a result of Spotify’s call for change, which has reverberations far beyond the music streaming sector.

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