Spotify Deepens Partnership with ADE, Expands Initiatives for 2023

As the world’s biggest club festival, the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) hosts over 1,000 events across its diverse multidisciplinary program. For five days and nights, the city of Amsterdam is immersed in electronic music culture.

For the second year running, Spotify is an official ADE partner, furthering the shared commitment between the two organizations to nurture the growth of dance and electronic music.

Spotify Huis Returns Bigger and Better for 2023

Last year, Spotify launched Spotify Huis, creating a hub for attendees to network, refuel and recharge. Due to its success, Spotify Huis returns in 2023, offering an enhanced experience.

Spotify Huis will be open October 18-19 to all ADE pass holders, industry members and artists. The spacious venue at Het West provides:

  • Meeting and networking spaces
  • Refreshments and coffee breaks
  • Evening happy hours
  • A content studio for recording sessions

The central location makes Spotify Huis an ideal home base for navigating the extensive ADE program.

“Spotify Huis creates unique opportunities for connection and celebration of electronic music culture,” said Milena Taieb, Spotify Head of Music for France and Benelux.

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Insightful Talks Empower Creators and Fuel Discovery

In addition to Spotify Huis, Spotify is hosting a range of insightful talks at ADE venues, delving into songwriting, playlists, and industry navigation.

“Our talks align with ADE’s goal of fostering creativity and empowering artists through diverse platforms,” said Jorinde Boom, ADE Head of Partnerships.

the Art of Writing Hits

On October 18th, Spotify’s new “Written By” live interview series will welcome acclaimed songwriter Jin Jin. She’ll reveal her process for writing major hits like “Out Out” by Joel Corry and Jax Jones’ “You Don’t Know Me.”

Spotify Playlists and Music Discovery

On October 19th, Spotify’s music discovery experts will explain how playlists drive fandom, with insights from Martin Garrix’s management team.

Modern Music Industry

On October 20th, Spotify will share best practices for utilizing its marketing tools to find and engage audiences.

“We’re opening doors for artists to reach new heights,” said Boom.

Dance and Electronic Thrive on Spotify and at ADE

The Benelux region is a hotbed for electronic music talent, with ADE underscoring its vibrant culture.

As an ADE partner for two consecutive years, Spotify is committed to amplifying dance and electronic music globally.

“Together with ADE, we’re creating unique opportunities for connection and celebration,” said Taieb.

What’s Next for the Spotify and ADE Partnership?

With the success of Spotify Huis and insightful programming, the partnership between Spotify and ADE continues to strengthen.

Spotify’s tools provide invaluable insights to help artists thrive. Meanwhile, ADE’s world-leading platform showcases Spotify’s extensive electronic music content.

The two organizations share a passion for pushing electronic music culture forward. This symbiotic relationship will enable even more ambitious initiatives in the future.

Both Spotify and ADE are invested in nurturing emerging talent while celebrating electronic veterans. With the genre in a steady upward trajectory, the opportunities feel boundless.

Key Takeaways

  • Spotify deepens partnership with ADE, building on the success of Spotify Huis and shared vision
  • Enhanced Spotify Huis returns as a home base for attendees with networking, content studio and more
  • Insightful talks empower creators through songwriting secrets, marketing tips and industry knowledge
  • Electronic music culture continues to thrive on Spotify and at ADE, with symbiotic relationship enabling growth
  • Partnership highlights Spotify’s capabilities and ADE’s platform, aimed at advancing dance and electronic globally

The continued alignment of Spotify and ADE propels the electronic music community to new heights through collaboration, discovery and empowerment. As the partnership progresses, Spotify and ADE will unlock even more potential in 2023 and beyond.

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