Connect Patreon to Spotify and Stream Your Favorite Podcasts in One Place

Podcasts offer an extensive assortment of content on numerous topics in the modern digital age. If you enjoy listening to podcasts, you are aware that some of the best ones are exclusively available to Patreon subscribers. Growing in popularity is Patreon, which enables creators to monetize their work. How convenient would it be to have access to your preferred Patreon podcasts on Spotify, the top music streaming platform in the world? You may listen to podcasts in one place by syncing your Patreon and Spotify accounts with a ground-breaking connection.

How It Works

Unlocking this seamless podcast experience is a straightforward process that enhances your podcast-listening journey. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you effortlessly connect your Patreon and Spotify accounts:

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Step One

  • To begin, you must possess a Patreon account.
  • Ensure that you are supporting at least one podcast creator on Patreon. This crucial step sets the foundation for accessing exclusive content.

Step Two

  • If you don’t already have a Spotify account, create one. It’s free and user-friendly.
  • Download the Spotify app on your preferred device to ensure easy access.

Step Three

  • Visit, where you will find comprehensive instructions for linking your Patreon and Spotify accounts.
  • Grant the necessary permissions for Patreon to access your Spotify data and vice versa.

Step Four

  • After successfully linking your accounts, navigate to your Spotify app.
  • You’ll notice a new section titled “Patreon Podcasts” that has magically appeared.
  • Within this section, you’ll find an extensive collection of podcasts you support on Patreon, along with tailored recommendations based on your preferences.

Enhanced Podcast Experience on Spotify

Once you’ve connected your Patreon and Spotify accounts, a world of enhanced podcast enjoyment opens up before you. Here are some of the benefits you can relish:

  • Seamless Listening: Enjoy your Patreon podcasts just as you would any other podcast on Spotify.
  • Offline Access: Download episodes for offline listening, making your commutes and travels more entertaining.
  • Playlist Integration: Add your favorite episodes to your playlists for easy access and sharing.
  • Social Sharing: Share podcast discoveries with your friends effortlessly.
  • Engagement and Feedback: Rate and review the podcasts, leaving valuable feedback for creators.
  • Simplified Experience: Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between apps or platforms. Now, all your beloved podcasts are in one place.

A Win-Win for Listeners and Creators

The integration of Patreon and Spotify isn’t just about convenience; it’s a win-win scenario for both podcast enthusiasts and creators alike.

For podcast listeners

  • A smoother and more convenient user experience awaits.
  • Enjoy all your favorite podcasts, supported creators, and new discoveries in one unified location.

For podcast creators

  • Gain exposure to a broader audience, expanding your fan base.
  • Increase your earnings by up to 50%, thanks to the newfound visibility and accessibility.

Patreon’s Perspective

Patreon, the driving force behind this groundbreaking integration, is enthusiastic about the potential it holds for creators. According to Patreon, this partnership will empower creators to reach new audiences, fostering organic growth. It also promises a significant boost in creators’ earnings, providing them with the financial support they deserve for their creative endeavors.

Spotify’s Vision

Spotify, the undisputed leader in music streaming, sees this integration as an opportunity to enrich its podcast catalog. By incorporating exclusive Patreon content, Spotify aims to offer its users a more diverse and high-quality podcast selection. This strategic move is aligned with Spotify’s commitment to delivering unparalleled content and enhancing user satisfaction.

Get Started Today

If you’re eager to explore this innovative feature, don’t wait! Head over to and connect your accounts today. You’ll be astounded by how this integration transforms your podcast-listening experience on Spotify, providing unparalleled ease and enjoyment.


The integration of Patreon and Spotify marks a significant milestone in the world of podcasting. It bridges the gap between exclusive Patreon content and the vast Spotify user base, creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem for both creators and listeners. Say goodbye to platform hopping and hello to a unified podcast experience that simplifies your life while supporting the creators who fuel your passion. Connect your accounts today and embark on a journey of enhanced podcast enjoyment like never before.

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