Spotify Premium Users in Line for Free Audiobooks

Spotify Premium subscribers will be excited to learn that audiobooks are soon to be added to the platform, according to rumors. By diversifying content offerings, this calculated effort hopes to draw in a larger user base. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Spotify has already acquired the rights to a number of acclaimed audiobooks, including literary classics like “Frankenstein,” “Jane Eyre,” and “The Red Badge of Courage.” Notably, these audiobooks will have exclusive commentary and analysis and celebrity narrators. Despite the fact that Spotify hasn’t formally announced these plans, it is clear that the corporation has been covertly testing audiobooks for some time.

Spotify’s Experiment with Audiobooks

In a momentous move, Spotify started an experiment in January by releasing nine audiobooks based on works in the public domain, including classics like “Pride and Prejudice” and “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass.” These audiobooks, which included well-known actors like Hilary Swank and Forest Whitaker narrating, acted as a preview of possible future events. Additionally, Storytel, a well-known Swedish audiobook provider, and Spotify have partnered. Through this partnership, consumers in a few markets may easily access Storytel’s huge audiobook library via the Spotify app.

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Confronting the Saturated Music Streaming Market

Spotify’s entry into the audiobook market seems to be a calculated reaction to the growing competition within the music streaming sector. Rival streaming music services like Apple Music and Amazon Music are still fighting for a bigger piece of the digital media pie. Notably, according to the International Publishers Association, the audiobook market has flourished and will generate astonishing $4 billion in global sales by 2020.

Spotify is positioned itself to gain a competitive edge and possibly entice more people to sign up for its service by giving these audiobooks away to its Premium customers, who already pay a monthly cost of $9.99 for an ad-free listening experience and other special benefits.

Competitors in the Audiobook Market

Other music streaming services are putting their toes into the audiobook business, echoing a larger industry trend that Spotify is following. For instance, Apple Music does provide some audiobooks through its app, albeit they normally need to be purchased separately. Audible, Amazon’s audiobook division, is not closely integrated with Amazon Music, in contrast. The ease with which customers can now move between music and audiobooks improves their entire user experience.

The Timeline Ahead

The precise launch date for Spotify’s new audiobook function as well as the initial markets where it will be implemented are currently unknown. However, it seems smart for fans of both music and literature to keep a close eye on Spotify’s app for any upcoming updates. It is surely an exciting time for Premium customers as Spotify continues to develop and broaden its content; they may soon find themselves absorbed in compelling audiobooks alongside their favorite songs. As the story develops, keep checking back for additional updates.

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