How To Stop Spotify from Playing Suggested Songs: A Complete Guide

If you’re a Spotify user, you’ve likely experienced the streaming service automatically playing suggested songs after you finish listening to a playlist or album. While Spotify’s recommendations algorithm is designed to offer track suggestions based on your listening history, some users find the non-stop music playback distracting or intrusive. Thankfully, Spotify offers settings to disable autoplaying recommendations and take full control of your listening experience.

In this blog post, we’ll explain what Spotify’s suggested songs are, why you may want to turn them off, and walk through the simple steps to stop Spotify from automatically playing recommendations after your chosen content finishes. Whether you want an uninterrupted listening experience or simply find Spotify’s suggestions irrelevant, read on to learn how to prevent suggested songs from barging into your ears.

What are Spotify’s Suggested Songs?

When you listen to playlists, albums, or podcasts on Spotify, the service utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze your listening behavior and preferences. Based on data like your recent plays, liked songs, and other engagement metrics, Spotify’s systems generate recommended tracks tailored specifically for you.

After you reach the end of a playlist or album, Spotify queues up these suggested songs to provide a continuous, uninterrupted listening session. The recommendations auto-play by default unless you specifically disable the feature.

Spotify populates suggested songs you might like based on:

  • Your recent listening activity
  • Songs and artists you’ve liked or added to your library
  • Playlists and genres you frequently stream
  • Listening patterns and habits Spotify identifies

The streaming service’s recommendations engine gets smarter over time as it gathers more data about your preferences. While many users appreciate discovering new music, others find the unprompted suggestions disruptive.

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Stop Suggested Songs on Spotify Mobile

Spotify offers simple settings to stop recommended tracks from automatically playing after you listen to playlists, albums, artists, and other content.

Here are the steps to disable Spotify’s suggested songs on mobile:

Step: 01

Tap the “Home” tab in the Spotify mobile app.

Step: 02

Tap the gear icon in the top right to access Settings.

Step: 03

Choose “Playback“.

Step: 04

Switch the “Autoplay” toggle off.

Step: 05

Exit Settings and start listening. Spotify will stop recommending songs when your content finishes.

Stop Suggested Songs on Spotify Desktop

Spotify offers simple settings to stop recommended tracks from automatically playing after you listen to playlists, albums, artists, and other content.

Here are the steps to disable Spotify’s suggested songs on desktop:

Step: 01

Open the Spotify desktop app and begin playing music.

Step: 02

Click your profile name in the top right corner.

Step: 03

Select Settings from the dropdown menu.

Step: 04

Choose Playback from the left sidebar.

Step: 05

Uncheck the box next to “Autoplay“.

Step: 06

Close Settings and begin listening. Suggested songs will no longer play after your chosen content ends.

That’s all you need to do to prevent Spotify from interrupting your listening with suggestions. The setting disables autoplay across Spotify, so you don’t have to change it repeatedly.

Additional Ways to Stop Suggested Songs

Along with the autoplay setting, Spotify offers other ways to refine and improve suggestions if you find the recommendations miss the mark:

  • Remove artists, genres, or tracks from your taste profile using the “Don’t play this” option.
  • Like or “heart” songs and playlists you enjoy so Spotify learns your preferences.
  • Follow artists you love so their new releases are suggested.
  • Remove recently played artists from your profile if you only listened to them once.
  • Start a radio station from a song you like to hear similar recommendations.
  • Browse Spotify’s advanced genre and mood playlists for new music.
  • Enable Spotify’s Crossfade feature to smoothly blend song transitions.

While minor, continuously tweaking your Spotify profile helps serve up suggestions better aligned with your listening tastes.

Why Stop Suggested Songs?

Here are some common reasons you may want to prevent Spotify from automatically playing recommendations after your selected content finishes:

  • You want full control of your listening without disruptions
  • Spotify’s suggestions don’t align with your musical tastes
  • The non-stop playback is distracting when you only want to hear a specific playlist
  • You don’t like certain artists or genres frequently recommended to you
  • You prefer silence after finishing an album or playlist
  • Unexpected track changes interrupt the flow of your listening
  • You want to conserve mobile data by preventing excess songs from streaming

Thankfully, it’s quick and easy to disable Spotify’s suggested songs and take back command of your listening experience.


Spotify suggested songs can be a great way to discover your next favorite track or artist. But if you find the unprompted recommendations intrusive or irrelevant, the streaming service makes it easy to disable autoplay and stop suggestions in their tracks.

So take control of your listening experience – whether you want an uninterrupted album playthrough or simply need a break from Spotify’s tailor-made suggestions. By turning off autoplay, you can enjoy music on your terms.


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No, you don’t have to turn off autoplay every time you use Spotify. Once you disable autoplay in your settings, it will remain off until you choose to re-enable it.

Unfortunately, you can’t stop suggestions while keeping autoplay on for your own playlists. Autoplay settings apply to all playlists, and you can’t customize them separately.

Disabling autoplay on your mobile device does not affect the desktop version. Autoplay settings are independent, so if you turn it off on mobile, it won’t impact your desktop experience.

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