How to Delete a Spotify Playlist: A Complete Guide

It’s likely that if you’ve been a consistent Spotify listener, you’ve gathered a collection of playlists that you’ve both created and followed. Knowing how to remove Spotify playlists can be immensely helpful, whether it’s to clear up some storage space or to organize your musical choices. This tutorial will examine the ways to Delete a Spotify Playlist on various platforms and devices, ensuring a consistent user experience.

Delete a Spotify Playlist on Mobile

Deleting playlists on a smartphone or tablet while using Spotify is just as simple.

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Step: 01

If you haven’t done so previously, start by launching the Spotify app on your smartphone and signing in to your account.

Step: 02

To access your playlists and saved songs, tap “Your Library” at the bottom of the screen.

Delete a Spotify Playlist on Mobile-Step-01

Step: 03

Now click “Playlists” in the menu at the top of the screen. All of your playlists will be listed when you do this.

Delete a Spotify Playlist on Mobile-Step-02

Step: 04

Locate the playlist you wish to delete by scrolling through your collection. Click on the three dots next to the playlist’s name once you’ve located it.

Delete a Spotify Playlist on Mobile-Step-03

Step: 05

On the menu that displays, select “Delete playlist.”

Delete a Spotify Playlist on Mobile-Step-04

Step: 06

There will be a confirmation pop-up, just like with the desktop procedure. Re-tap “Delete” to affirm your choice.

Delete a Spotify Playlist on Mobile-Step-05

Step: 07

The playlist will be deleted from your library and stop showing up on any devices that are linked with your Spotify account after it has been approved.

Delete a Spotify Playlist on Desktop

The procedure to Delete a Spotify Playlist is easy and just requires a few basic steps for individuals who prefer to use Spotify on their desktop or laptop.

Step: 01

Launch the Spotify application on your computer, then sign into your account. This is the first thing you should do if you haven’t already signed in.

Step: 02

Your playlists are listed in the sidebar on the left of your Spotify interface. Locate the playlist you want to delete by scrolling through.

Delete a Spotify Playlist on Desktop-step-02

Step: 03

Right-click on the playlist’s title once you’ve located it. Then a context menu will show up. Choose “Delete” from the selection here. Alternately, you can use your keyboard’s Delete key.

Delete a Spotify Playlist on Desktop-step-02

Step: 04

Your screen will display a confirmation pop-up asking you to confirm the deletion. To complete the operation, click “Delete” once again.

Delete a Spotify Playlist on Desktop-step-02

Step: 05

The playlist will be immediately deleted from your collection after your confirmation. Additionally, it will be removed from all of your linked devices with your Spotify account, guaranteeing a fresh start.

Delete a Spotify Playlist on Website

By using these procedures, you can still quickly Delete a Spotify Playlist if you want to use Spotify through your web browser.

Step: 01

Open a web browser and go to to access your Spotify account.

Step: 02

Your playlists are listed in the sidebar on the left. Select the playlist you wish to remove by clicking.

Step: 03

You may find the name of the playlist and a three-dot icon at the top of your screen. Press the icon with three dots.

Step: 04

Make your selection from the menu that appears, “Delete playlist.”

Step: 05

A confirmation pop-up will show up, just like in the prior techniques. To confirm, click “Delete” one more.


You can unfollow playlists that you no longer want to view in your library in addition to removing the playlists you’ve made. Just repeat the process above but choose “Unfollow playlist” rather than “Delete playlist.” Without harming the account of the playlist’s original creator, this step will Delete a Spotify Playlist from your collection.


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To delete all downloaded playlists on Spotify, open the app, go to your Library, tap “Playlists,” and then swipe left on each downloaded playlist you want to remove. Alternatively, you can go to “Settings,” select “Storage,” and tap “Delete Cache” to remove all downloaded content, including playlists.

To delete songs from Spotify on an Android device, open the playlist containing the songs you want to remove, long-press the song you wish to delete, and select “Remove from Playlist.” Alternatively, you can tap the three dots (…) next to a song and choose “Remove from Playlist.”

No, deleting your Spotify account will not remove the songs you’ve added to playlists. Your playlists are part of the Spotify platform, and they will remain intact for other users to enjoy. Deleting your account only affects your personal profile and playlists, but it doesn’t impact the availability of the songs on the platform.

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